How to Alleviate the Stress of Planning a Wedding

How to Alleviate the Stress of Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time as you prepare to share your special day with friends and loved ones. However, trying to make sure that every last detail is perfect can lead to some stress. These are just a few simple tips from wedding and event planner professionals to make sure your day goes as planned, without losing sleep in the process.

Come up with a Detailed Budget First

Weddings are expensive, but there are ways to avoid getting in over your head. Consider your priorities when it comes to your wedding and cut out extra expenses you don’t feel you really need. Before jumping into your planning or even trying on wedding dresses, come up with a budget of how much you want to spend on each aspect of the event. This includes the food, the venue, and even the dress itself. Make sure you are honest and upfront with your future spouse about how much you are willing to spend overall. Taking care of this early in the process will ensure you are both on the same page as far as expenses.

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Create a To-Do List

Planning a wedding is a big time commitment and it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to tackle every task. Make a detailed to-do list of everything you need to accomplish and an estimate of when it needs to be done. This will prevent having to rush around to finish last minute details.

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

Even if you don’t really enjoy planning and scheduling, chances are someone in your family or wedding party does. Don’t be afraid of recruiting a friend to give their input or aid in specific tasks, like sending out invitations or calling around to different catering companies or venues.