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The different types of podcasts

While interviews are often the most common type of podcast that listeners encounter, not every podcast has to be an interview or even a conversation. Countless variants of podcasts exist, and depending on the show that is being hosted, all of these types can be used to their benefit.

Types of shows

Interviews: Starting with the most popular format first, interviews normally have the host interviewing people in a niche. Whether talking about computers, writing, food, or history, interview podcasts allow experts to talk about their opinion and give crucial knowledge to anyone seeking insight.

Conversational: These podcasts are often a group of friends talking about something that matters to them, and it sounds and flows like a conversation. The episodes often focus on a topic, are unscripted, and are easily picked up by listeners that like the personalities' of the hosts.

Educational shows: These podcasts teach something, whether it is life skills, how to do something, or run a business. Typically these podcasts are easy to absorb, good to listen too, and have resources and tools that can help the listener use the resources of the podcast.

Solo casts: Who needs others? By monologuing and sharing experiences about the life of the host, the audience gets a deeper connection with the producer. Most of these podcasts are short to allow for only having one host.

How to get started

ron van dam podcast

By deciding what type of podcast that will be done, you'll be able to schedule the podcast around others and prepare adequately. A ron van dam podcast or any other podcast can be started with a phone and a script, and then they can be uploaded to various sites.

As popularity grows, then more equipment and maybe even some guests will only help the podcast get better and maybe even turn the producer into a star!