“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”, Auguste Escoffier. Just my daily philosophy!


A selection of some of the delicacies you will taste when you work with Adeline!

Meatless Monday

It’s monday, it’s sunny and finally spring in Atlanta and guess what I’m craving for greens. Let’s take the opportunity of meatless monday and make a delicious salad for my entire family for tonight. This is also the amazing occasion to use again (3 times in 2 days in a row!) my favorite kitchen toy for now. I’m sure my closest friends know what I’m talking about… yes I’m talking about my awesome immersion circulator from the great company ANOVA. I’m always looking for a great way to use it everyday!

Yesterday I was working for some of my greatest clients and they have chickens in their garden and she was sweet enough to give me some fresh eggs from the morning. So let’s use these beautiful and pale eggs for the salad. This recipe is really a pice of cake, easy to execute and just need few ingredients but you need to get the best ones, you know me!

Here is my recipe for steamed asparagus, perfect egg and shaved aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese salad! If you don’t have any immersion circulator just cook your egg in the tradituional cooking.

aspargus and perfect egg WM